Manatee Insurance Services


July 8, 2020


How To Choose Auto Insurance Deductible

Whether you’re buying a brand new car or have an old hand-me-down, before you hit the roads anywhere in Florida, you should have a car insurance policy issued by a registered insurance company. It's illegal to drive otherwise!…

boat yard

June 15, 2020


5 Benefits of Boat Insurance Coverage

While water accidents are less common than road accidents, they can be far more damaging, financially speaking. The most common boating accidents involve collisions with other vehicles and solid ground. (more…)

car drive

May 19, 2020


Flooding: How It Affects Your Insurance

We are halfway across the spring season and summers are right around the corner. While we all love both these seasons for the amazing weather, goldilocks sunlight, and snow-free roads, there’s one thing we all…