You Are Paying Too Much For Your Home Insurance — Here’s Why!

The whole purpose of home insurance is to ensure your peace of mind, in case a calamity befalls your house, leading to a financial crisis.

However, home owners are often worried that they’ll have to face financial trouble because of their insurance payments.

If you also feel like you are paying too much for home owner’s insurance, it’s time to reevaluate your policy and shop around for a more affordable one.

It’s sad that many policyholders renew their yearly insurance plans without assessing the payments and policies put in place for the New Year.

As one of Florida’s leading independent providers of comprehensive insurance coverage, our job is us to hunt through premier carriers to find the best rates or policies on home insurance in Brandenton FL, and surrounding areas.


If you think you are being charged too much for your home owners insurance, look out for the following signs:

  •   Undiscovered Fees – When your bill arrives, check it for any information on fees you didn’t think you were paying. This includes claims processing fees, or payment convenient charges, etc. Even if it’s only a couple of dollars, take note. These few dollars can easily add up to exorbitant amounts over a few years.
  •   An Utter Lack of Policy Updates – Is it time to renew your insurance? Wait. Go over the policy, and confirm that you’ll continue to get all the savings and deals promised when you signed on with the provider. In fact, ask your insurance agent if you qualify for further discounts because of personal growth and loyalty to your insurance providers.
  •    No Loyalty Rewards – As mentioned earlier, you deserve more for sticking with your insurance company. They should offer discounts to reward this devotion. And in case you aren’t getting anything despite regular renewals, it’s time to go shopping for a new policy.
  •   Pointless Policy Riders – Check if you are paying extra for earthquake coverage, and you don’t even live in the earthquake danger zone!! There is no need to spend more on coverage for natural disasters when it doesn’t apply to your neighborhood.
  •    Paying Low Deductibles – If you policy entails high deductibles, it means lower premiums for you. You can reduce your monthly payments by increasing the deductibles. Make sure insurance provider facilitates this request.

Don’t pay more than you absolutely have. If you live in Manatee County Florida or anywhere in the surroundings, give us a call today at 941-747-7283 for more information on affordable homeowners insurance.

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