Which Insurance Policies Do You Really Need?

A part of becoming a financially accountable, prudent and responsible adult is investing in the right insurance policies.

It might seem like you need every single policy out there, but that’s not really true. What you want is to invest in policies that offer you protection and peace of mind. That’s all.

In addition to your health insurance, you will also want to buy:

When you own a home in the State of Florida, you are required by law to buy a property insurance policy. It will provide financial coverage in case of fire, burglary, damages caused by inclement weather, and other disasters. This is an important investment that protects your home and sanity as the homeowner.

If you own a vehicle and drive yourself often, at least get the minimum required auto and liability insurance coverage that your Florida insurer offers.

Get in touch with us at 941-747-7283 to discuss your current level of coverage, or the lack of it. Don’t wait until an accident occurs to find out what’s covered under your existing auto insurance policy.

Like health insurance, you will be able to get this one through your employers. The idea behind life insurance is to make things much easier on your family and loved ones in case you pass away.

Other Types of Insurance You Might Consider

Here are some additional insurance policies that are popular in and around Florida.

If you are a Florida native, you are a water body who owns a boat or hopes to own one soon. Insure it against damages and accidents as well as actions of other uninsured boaters.

Riding a bike takes a lot of concentration; accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Enjoy your freedom to ride with complete peace of mind. Bike insurance helps you do just that!

Unfortunately, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damages caused by floods. You will have to invest in a separate one if this is one of your worries. A flood insurance policy will take at least 30 days to come into effect. So don’t wait until there are imminent flood warnings in your area to buy the policy.

The Last Word

Let’s be frank, insuring against all the probabilities and what-ifs that life throws at you can be expensive and quite confusing.

However, some problems are certain to befall us at one point of time or another. Let Manatee Insurance help you find the best possible deals on homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, flood insurance and more.

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