Ride Safe! Why You’re Better Off Having A Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are less stable and do not provide the safety of an enclosed vehicle in the event of a crash.

There were 4,976 motorcyclist deaths reported in 2015, while the injuries stood at 88,000. For every mile that is travelled, there is 27 times more chance of a motorcycle accident than a car crash.

This calls for ensuring maximum security and financial coverage in case of accident.

Here are certain reasons why you are a better a rider with motorcycle insurance:

Following the law

Florida imposes financial responsibility law for all vehicle owners. The guidelines of the financial responsibility law include:

–  Bodily injury for 1 person up to $10,000

–  Bodily injury for 2 people up to $20,000

–  Property damage of up to $10,000

This is the minimum amount you are responsible for in case you are at-fault in a motorcycle crash. Once you have insurance to meet these minimum requirements, you will be following the law.

Medical Coverage

Any injury caused to you during a motorcycle accident will be covered in the motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle injuries are usually more severe and the medical bills are generally higher for full recovery. Only with motorcycle insurance will you be able to cover your medical expenses on time. Failure to do so could result in you being permanently handicapped.

Motorcycle Coverage

Any damage to your and the injured party’s motorcycle will also be covered in the insurance. The costs of repairs can be exuberant and you can avoid paying it out of your own pocket.

Coverage of non-crash damage

Motorcycle insurance will have you covered in case of theft or vandalism of your motorcycle. If your motorcycle gets damaged due to any natural disaster or any other factor while parked, the insurance will provide you financial assistance.

Custom Accessories

Certain policies provide coverage for getting custom accessories installed on the motorcycle, making your ride more stylish. You will need to consult with the insurance company to know which accessories are covered.

Assistance after breakdown

Certain policies will even offer you assistance, in case your motorcycle breaks-down in the middle of the road. It will include the cost of towing the motorcycle to the nearest repair facility, while covering repair costs as well.

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