Shopping For Insurance? Factors For Insurance Quotes Comparison

Shopping around for insurance is a bit of a hassle and can be quite overwhelming. The clauses and jargons detailed in the insurance policies will go over your head. In the end, you’ll find yourself confused and overwhelmed.

Of course, the price you’re paying as premiums isn’t the only thing that you must consider. You should buy an insurance policy that fits your needs and provides you with adequate coverage when the time for making a claim arises.

Here are some factors you must consider when comparing two or more insurance quotes:


Coverage is the most important thing in the insurance; after all, it is the only reason why you are buying insurance.

Take your time to compare the coverage being provided by each of the policy. There will be many things that will not be covered in a standard policy, and for which you will have to buy additional insurance.

It is always a good idea to make a list of things that are included in each policy, and then compare them accordingly. In general, a standard home insurance policy should include damages caused by fire, smoke, lightning, rain, extreme temperatures, accidents caused by wiring or plumbing system, falling objects, vandalism, explosions and so on.

It will be a good idea to list down the things that are excluded in each policy as well, so you have a clear idea of which additional policy you must buy in order to get more coverage.

Replacement Value and Actual Value

Claims are either handed out on replacement value or actual value, and you must be careful about these two when selecting a policy.

Actual value is the cost of the house minus the depreciation, and if your house is new you must opt for actual value.

On the other hand, replacement value is the cost of restoring your damaged home to its previous state, and should be opted for when you have an old home and have no mortgage to pay.

Insurance Company Rating

Checking the rating of the insurance company is also necessary. This is because the rating indicates creditworthiness of the company and their track record of paying claims. Insurance companies with ‘A’ rating are much more secure to invest in.

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