What Your Standard Home Insurance Policy Won’t Cover

Even though home insurance is a lifesaver, there are times when it won’t come to your aid. A standard home insurance policy has limitations.


Many homeowners buy a standard policy just to become eligible for a mortgage, and realize it too late that they should have purchased several add-ons.

You must educate yourself about your standard home insurance policy, and then talk with your broker about the add-ons you want to be included for a much better financial security.

Here are some things not covered in a standard policy:

Sewer backups

This usually comes as a surprise, but sewer backups aren’t covered in a standard policy. Sewer backups are known to destroy furniture, electrical wiring and the plumbing system, resulting in expensive repairs.

For this, additional insurance needs to be purchased.


Mold is generally not covered in a standard policy as most insurance companies think that mold is a result of improper maintenance.

Usually, mold occurs when there is a water leak and high humidity. Mold can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the property, but is unfortunately not covered in a standard policy.

Damage during work

If you are having some kind of repair work done in your home, or are having renovations, your standard policy won’t cover any damage done to your home during as a result of that activity. A standard policy won’t even cover the medical expenses of any person injured during the work.

This is why, whenever you are hiring a contractor, make sure they’re insured. Similarly, if you are working on your own, then ensure that your health insurance is providing you with coverage on accidents of such nature.

Certain Types of Bodily Injuries

Although most bodily injuries are covered in a standard home insurance policy, there are certain types of injuries that insurance companies like to exclude.

These include injuries caused by tree houses, trampolines and diving boards in swimming pools.

Termite Infestation

Termites could wreak havoc on your furniture, doors, floorboards and window panes, and cause thousands of dollars of loss. However, they aren’t covered by insurance companies as they are preventable with proper pest control treatments.

Flooding and Earth movements

Even though damage caused by rain and lightning strike in covered in a standard policy, flooring and earth movements are something that requires additional coverage.

This is because these damages are quite remote and require other provisions to be included in insurance coverage.

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