Tips for Protecting Your Home From Flooding

While flood-proofing the entire house is not always possible, there are certain measures that you can take in order to minimize damage in case of flooding. It is best to seek professional advice when it comes to making any sort of permanent upgrades to your home, as this would include certain structural changes.

You can use the Flood Map in order to determine whether your home falls under high flood risk areas, and then undertake safety precautions accordingly.

Here are some ways to protect your home against flooding:


The first thing you must do is install flood doors, which are specifically made for flood prevention. If you don’t have time for that and flooding is imminent, you can also have flood boards installed.

Try having the door thresholds raised in order to keep out the water.

Protecting the Floor

Another way water could enter your home is by rising through the floor. You can prevent this through tanking.

Never choose carpet for your floor if you live in a high flood risk area, as it will have to be thrown out if your home is struck by a flood. Always go for tiles or rugs.

Drainage System

To prevent your drainage system from collapsing, you can install non-return valves. They won’t be able to prevent all the water from coming through the drainage system, but will protect your drainage system to a great extent.

If the drainage system collapses, there will be a considerable amount of damage to your entire house.

Safeguard the Electrical System

Where and when possible, get your electrical sockets, wirings and fuse boxes at least 1.5 meters above ground level. This protects the electrical system in case of a flood.

You could also do the same for some of the electrical devices, such as your television and kitchen appliances. Either get them mounted on the wall or keep them high on the shelves.

Get Flood Insurance

Regardless how many security measures you have in place, there will always be damage to your home. The only thing that will keep you financially secure during a flood is flood insurance.

Your home insurance will not come into play if your home is damaged by flood. Flood is different from water damage, as it is categorized as water rising from the ground. Therefore, you must buy flood insurance in order to have coverage in the advent of a flood.

If you want to learn more about flood insurance contact us on 941-747-7283 or consider visiting our office in Bradenton, FL. Our experts will thoroughly guide if you need flood insurance, whether your house is in high-risk flood area and how much flood insurance will be adequate for you. We will also get you an instant quote so that you can apply immediately.

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