Tips for a Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance

According to U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, there are more than 8 million registered motorcycle riders in the USA. Of these 8 million, 81,000 riders get into accidents and face bodily injuries each year.

The only thing in an advent of an accident that secures the riders financially is motorcycle insurance. This is the reason why Americans should take motorcycle insurance seriously.

Here are some ways in which you can get motorcycle insurance at low rates:

Annual Premiums

Try and pay for your motorcycle insurance on an annual basis, rather than in installments. This won’t cost you much, and you will be able to save a lot of money.

What you pay depends entirely on the company, but most insurance companies charge installment fees as well as penalize on any late payments.

Buy a Smaller bike

Smaller bikes have smaller engines and hence have low repair cost they are damaged in an accident.

If you go for a sport or supersport bike, you will have to higher premiums, as they are more risky and have high repair costs.

Don’t go for modifications

While modifications on a bike do look good, they are likely going to increase your insurance premiums.

This is because certain modification may affect the safety of your bike, and make it more vulnerable to theft or accidents. Similarly, modified bikes have a higher repair bill.

Cut down your use

If you ride your motorcycle less often, there are fewer chances that you will get into an accident. This makes you a less risky customer, and hence your insurance premium will be lower.

If you use your motorcycle for daily commuting to work, then cut down its use by taking public transport for a few days of the week.

Secure Parking

Where do you park your motorcycle and what safety do you have in place for it?

The less likely it is that your motorcycle will get stolen; the lower will be your insurance premium. If your residential area has high crime rates, that could affect your insurance premium too.

Join a club

There are several motorcycle associations or clubs, which could score you a discount if you join them. Some of the examples include:

· Honda Riders Club of America.

· Harley Owners Group

· American Motorcycle Association.

· Motorcycle Touring Association


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