5 Insurance Discounts that Could Lower Your Premium

Getting insurance for your house is often a big investment. Since you are investing a hefty amount, it is important for you to figure out ways that can help you save up on your premium.

 insurance premium

insurance premium

These methods of saving can range from making changes in your house to other similar things.

1.     Bundled policies discount

First off, make sure you are buying your home, car, and other insurances from the same company. Insurers want to make sure they can make you stay with them.

When buying all your insurance from the same company, homeowners are able to save 20%-30%. Sometimes, the savings can go up to $500 every year.

2.     New roof (or other material) discount

A few insurers provide discounts for adding impact-resistant materials on the new roofing so your house is protected from all kinds of weather damages.

3.     Security system discount

Installing a security system at your house (that operates 24/7 to detect fires or thefts) can save you 15% from your premium. This ensures safety precautions. These preventive measures translate to lower risks for insurers. Low risks mean lower premium rates. 

4.     Auto pay discount

It is possible to get a small discount if you are setting your payment directly from your bank account as an automatic deduction. By having an auto pay, you make sure the policy does not get nullified if you do not pay.

5.     Newly built home discount

If you’ve moved into a newly built house, there is a lesser chance of repairs or damages. Pipe bursting is something that happens in older homes, which is why this discount is only applicable for relatively new home. However, over time, as your property crosses the 20-year mark, you may expect higher premiums.

To avail these home insurance discounts, make sure you are contacting a reliable insurer.

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