Do You Need Car Insurance for Monsoon Season?

Typically, we’d recommend that you do get car insurance, especially if you live in an area which receives heavy rainfall and harsh weather during monsoon season, like Florida.

By getting comprehensive car insurance, you’ll easily be able to file claims that would amount to the insured value of the car. These claims would be for the total damage of the car, or for the amount spent on repairing damage, if your vehicle was just slightly damaged.

 monsoon car insurance

monsoon car insurance

But if you do get car insurance, you have to be clear that it covers everything. Some policies require you to upgrade the coverage with add-ons, since some do not cover engine damage or electrical damage. So read the fine print before singing on the dotted line.

What Type of Add-Ons Should I Get?

Aside from basic coverage, here are some add-ons that would definitely come in handy.

–          Flooding

–          Hailstorms

–          Damage to equipment

–          Leaks in the window sealing and doors

What to Do if You Need to Use the Car during a Storm

Firstly, if you do need to travel in your vehicle, keep away from potholes and puddles. Maintain a slower speed than normal and be cautious when driving on any waterlogged roads.

Also, keep the air conditioning off so there’s no chance of the AC vent bringing water up into the car.

If your vehicle breaks down, do not crank it as it would bring water into the engine. In addition, do not start your car if it’s submerged in water. Your engine is already covered in water, you don’t want to overdo it and cause damage.

And for your own safety, do not use the centralized locking system.

Finally, keep a digital copy of your insurance file in your smartphone. It’s quite common to lose your documentation when your car gets flooded or damaged. By having a digital copy on hand, you’ll be able to view it and use it whenever you need.

Want to Learn More about Car Insurance?

If your car does get damaged, try to file an insurance claim as soon as possible to get a refund for the amount you’ve spent.



And if you need more advice, contact us and ask.

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