4 Risks of Driving a Vehicle Without Insurance

Millions of horrific car crashes take place in the U.S. each year. In 2015, the number of road accidents leading to property damage in USA climbed up to a total of 4,548,000 crashes.

 car accident

car accident

While there isn’t much you can control about the accident as it happens, you can choose to protect yourself financially through car insurance. Here’s a list of some possible risks that you can avoid by getting your vehicle insured:

1.    License Suspension:

Driving without a license is a legal offence and can result in suspension of your license if you’re involved in an accident or caught violating traffic laws while uninsured.

The duration for which the suspension will be in place varies based on the laws of the state you are in. In some states, the suspension can end if the license holder manages to provide proof of insurance or files an SR-22. In other cases, the court may suspend your license for a predetermined period of time. License reinstatement costs a heavy sum that you will be required to pay in addition to your ticket.

2.    Loss of Vehicle Registration:

By driving an uninsured vehicle, you are putting it at a risk of impoundment. Being involved in an accident with an uninsured car can result in temporary loss of rights over the vehicle. In the case of vehicle impoundment, you will be required to pay additional processing fees to get it back.

The reinstatement fee for vehicle license and registration in Florida is $150 for first; $250 for a second; $500 for third time offence, if you fail to provide proof of insurance before the suspension date.

3.    Prison Sentence:

In some states, driving without insurance is a serious offence that can potentially lead to a prison sentence. The jail time to be served could be a few days or multiple weeks, depending on state laws.

While Florida does not have prison sentence for uninsured drivers, you could serve up to 14 days in jail in New Jersey for driving without insurance.

4.    Other Financial Damages:

The penalties mentioned above are legal fines set by laws of different states. If your uninsured car is involved in an accident, you will be required to pay, in addition to these charges that would cover hospital bills and repair costs for vehicles involved. The other party can possibly file a lawsuit against you, leading to more financial damages.


Many drivers are unaware of the importance of car insurance until it’s too late. An estimated 26% of the vehicle owners in Florida remain uninsured. Protect yourself from severe financial liability that comes with driving uninsured vehicles by getting a Manatee Insurance.

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