4 Common Causes of Boating Accidents

Boating is a fun way to unwind with friends and family on weekend, but people often overlook the dangers that come with it. It’s important to keep yourself aware of the dangers you could encounter before you step into water next summer.



Here’s a list of common causes of boating accidents:

1.    Over Speeding:

It’s easy to lose control of steering if your vessel is traveling at a high speed. With limited control, the likelihood of a crash increases significantly. Over-speeding also increases the amount of time required to stop a vehicle, which ultimately contributes to the crash.

According to Florida Boating Regulations, the waterways are divided into different zones, each with a specific speed limit. Maximum range of speed any boat can acquire is between 25MPH to 35MPH. Keeping your both well within the speed limit is imperative for a safe boating experience.

2.    Lack of Experience:

Your boating voyage could take a completely different turn if your boat operator is inexperienced.  

According to Recreational Boating Statistics, 480 boating accidents that took place in 2016 were caused by lack of experience of operator. Steering a boat may seem fairly simple, but there are a lot of details regarding its operations that someone without experience may not know.

An operator who does not fully understand the operation and handling techniques of the boat cannot deal with emergencies effectively and risks the life of everyone on board.  

3.    Intoxication:

When people take their boats out for a spin, they’re looking to have a good time. In Florida, it isn’t uncommon to spot a group of friends heading out to Sarasota Bay with a couple of beers for a fun boating experience. However, staying in control of your boat under the influence of alcohol is almost beyond the bounds of possibility. 

Even if the boat operator is sober, intoxicated passengers could be a source of distraction for the operator, which can cause an accident.

4.    Harsh Weather:

Monitoring weather forecasts is crucial to safety. Boating in harsh weather conditions increases the chances of a boat capsizing incident. Make sure there are no weather warnings for waterways you will be boating on.


Always keep in mind that boating is a fun experience but requires you to act responsibly to keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

In Florida, the total number of boating accidents in 2017 was 766, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Protect yourself and your loved ones by following safe boating practices and getting boat insurance quotes from a reliable insurance company in Florida, such as Manatee Insurance.

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