Common Mistakes That Increase Auto Insurance Rates

 Do you firmly believe in the saying, ‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you’?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to auto insurance policies. It’s a considerable car expense and it doesn’t help if you end up making mistakes—the more mistakes you make, the higher your premium will be.

In this blog, we highlight the most common mistakes you make that increase auto insurance rates and how can you avoid them.

 insurance rates

insurance rates

Not Researching Discounts

Since competition is tough in the insurance industry, most companies have amazing discounts on offer throughout the year—we don’t see them cause we don’t research the right way. You may not be eligible for all of them, but chances are you will at least qualify for one of them.

Examples of circumstances which make you eligible for such discounts are:

·         Your vehicle having a high safety grade.

·         Having a family member in the military

·         Owning a home.

·         Going through a defense driving course.

·         Owning a hybrid vehicle.

Even if you install an anti-theft feature in your vehicle or manage to shorten your commute distance, call up your agent and ask if you qualify for any discounts.

Focusing Only On the Price

Auto insurance ads all have a striking similarity: how cheap their services are when compared to the competition.

However, only focusing on the price when deciding which policy to purchase is not the wisest move. Sure, everyone wants to save money but when shopping for car insurance you should also consider the benefits of the policy, the company’s reputation, and its approach to claim management.

Sticking to the Legal Minimum

Not surprising, considering how everyone wants to pay the least amount possible. While you may have cost savings in mind, going for the legal minimum can end up costing you some real money.

Consider the following: What is your liability in case you bump into a luxury vehicle? How much is the liability when an un-insured driver rams into your car? Also, what happens if your vehicle gets damaged during an unexpected thunderstorm?

Plan strategically and if you can practically afford a higher payment, go for it!

Canceling Your Previous Insurance Policy Too Soon

It’s tempting to cancel your current policy right away, now that you’ve planned to switch to another insurer, but it’s not the smartest move. Getting a new policy will involve questions about your previous coverage and even a 30-day delay can make you ineligible for discounts while increasing your next payment outrageously. Conversely, most carriers offer lower prices for clients with previous, ongoing coverage.

Making sure that you avoid these mistakes when buying your next car insurance policy can help you save big! Looking for a policy that satisfies all your concerns and needs? Contact us today to acquire cheap car insurance in Bradenton, FL!

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