Myth Busting: Auto Insurance Edition

Especially when purchasing auto insurance, it is imperative that you are aware of all the factors that may affect the cost and extent of coverage you receive.

Unfortunately, a number of widespread myths have led to misinformation being passed around as fact when it comes to car insurance. Although no one really knows how they began or who started them, believing in them can cause you to select the wrong coverage and lead to long term financial losses.

In this blog, we try to dispel some of the most common auto insurance myths out there:

1.    The Car Color Affect the Price of Auto Insurance

Your car’s color could fall under any shade of the spectrum and it wouldn’t affect the price. Factors which do affect the price of auto insurance include the model, body type, make, engine, age, and size of your vehicle. Other factors may also be considered like the likelihood of the car being stolen, the cost to repair it, its overall safety record, the age of the driver, and sometimes even the credit history of the owner.

2.    Soldiers Have to Pay a Higher Amount

It’s quite the opposite. If you happen to be in any branch of the armed forces, you become eligible for auto insurance discounts. Most places require official documentation, time of enlistment, and rank. Some might even allow for the option of speaking to your commanding officer. Certain companies even allow discounts for the soldier’s family members.

3.    It Costs More for Older-Aged Citizens

Again, the opposite holds true. Older drivers are more likely to be eligible for discounts. Those over the age of 55 receive a cost reduction for their auto insurance premium provided they successfully complete the accident prevention course (offered by the AARP, AAA, and also through local and state agencies). Such offers also extend to unemployed individuals and retirees. The percentage of discount varies across different states so always remember to check up on your eligibility.

4.    Your Credit History Has No Effect on the Insurance Rate

Your credit-based insurance score definitely matters. Having a positive score demonstrates your ability to effectively manage your finances and is considered a strong predictor of whether someone will file an insurance claim or not. This is taken into consideration by the company when you’re purchasing, changing or renewing auto insurance policy. Having a good credit score allows you to pay less for insurance.

5.    The Business Car is covered By Your Personal Auto Insurance

Even in case of self-employment, your personal auto insurance may not cover for any damages which make it important to also get a business vehicle insurance. If the car is being used by your business employees, make sure to check up on their driving records.

Apart from the myths on this list, there are many others floating around which act as deterrents and prevent vehicle owners from gaining the full benefits of auto insurance policies. Contact us today for cheap car insurance in Bradenton, FL.

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