Smart Technology That Can Help Protect Your Home

Whatever happens, the safety of our family and our home is always our top priority. Thanks to advancements in security technology we now have access to systems that are far more comprehensive and effective at protecting the ones we love.

Some of these systems are designed to prevent break-ins and burglaries while others provide foolproof surveillance. Depending on your needs you can create and deploy a residential security system that offers the best of everything.

Let’s discuss some smart security systems that feature state of the art technologies to protect you, your family and your precious home.

Remote Home Monitoring

Remote home monitoring systems are rapidly gaining traction in residential environments. Such systems allow you to view both the inside and outside of your home from your smartphones. It notifies you whenever someone enters or leaves the house. There are also sensors placed on windows which can alert homeowners in case of break-ins. They are easy to set-up and serve as 360-degree security solutions with limitless flexibility in terms of use and modifications.

Smart Locks

Innovations in locking systems have evolved far beyond the conventional sense. Modern smart locks do not require a physical key. Instead, you can punch in a code or use fingerprint recognition.

The more common method includes the use of ‘digital-keys’ placed in smartphones. The homeowner has the ability to ‘manufacture’ such keys which come in the form of digital codes and can send them to others online. So if you have an unexpected visit by a friend or a plumber, you can send them a key through your phone, giving them one-time access.

Furthermore, smart locks also come equipped with audio and video recording capabilities enabling you to keep a log of everyone who passes through the doorstep. Some versions have sensor-motion capabilities that take pictures whenever there is movement in front of the door.

Remote LED Lighting

It’s not surprising that most burglaries happen when homeowners are away on vacation. One solution to eliminate the risks of break-ins is to install remote LED lights. This system will allow you to turn the lights on and off while you’re away, giving the impression that it’s not empty.  

That’s not it—remote LED lights also have a range of other useful applications for example, they can be used by seniors who have mobility issues. Similarly, you can put together different LED color temperatures to create ambient lighting systems for your home that change colors at the press of a button.

While these technologies were expensive earlier, both in terms of installation and maintenance, things have changed. With a number of producers offering a diverse array of security systems and automated products, their prices are now within every homeowner’s reach.

If you are considering affordable and effective ways to protect your home and your family, start off by purchasing a homeowners insurance policy. Contact us today for cheap home and car insurance in Bradenton, FL!

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