5 Recent Innovations in Home Security Systems

Homeowners have always faced the danger of burglaries and other house related crimes.With the current technologically advanced options, the home safety market has expanded into a whole new industry. People are looking for smarter alternatives that will help them protect their property and possessions. A good home security system can provide peace of mind and safety for you and your loved ones.

From dead-bolts to digitally accessed doors, there are many options available to homeowners. Here are some:

Motion detectors:

Motion detection was one of the first technological security options. Initially, the detection was done through sound waves. This was good for an old-fashioned break-in or forced entry. But often simple sounds such as closing a door or turning on the television would set it off. Modern motion detectors are based on infrared technology. They sense body heat as it gets closer to the house. The alert ranges from spotlight activation which illuminates the threat to alarm going off. With smart technology, you can get an alert on your cell phone.

Smart doorbells:

With the recent innovation, people are now installing smart doorbells. Basically, a camera is attached to the doorbell in an inconspicuous way. When someone rings the doorbell, the camera is activated and sends an alert to the smart phone it has been synced with. A live stream is sent to the phone so that the person can see who’s at the door. This is a good option for those who wish to screen the people that come to their doors or are away from home a lot.

Remote home monitoring:

Remote home monitoring is becoming increasingly popular. The system works similar to a smart doorbell. A network of cameras and sensors is placed inside and outside the house. They are all connected to the smart phone via Wi-Fi using an app.A person can monitor any area of the house and in case of activity within the house the sensors send an alert to the phone.

Access code entry:

This is the most commonly used innovation in home security. People don’t rely on keys anymore for concerns over losing them. Using keys is always risky in case someone gets a hang of them and uses them to gain entry into the house. An access code home lock can only be used by people who know the password which makes it one of the most secure door locks.

Remote LED home lighting:

This innovation is ideal for people who travel a lot or are concerned about their home while going on vacation. A series of smart lights are installed within the home which can be accessed via smart phone from anywhere in the world. A person can randomly turn on or turn off the lights.Remote smart lights area novel way to deter burglars and make the house look occupied in case of long absences.

The smart homes today are more secure than ever. But the technologically savvy criminals can still get access to your homes. To be completely safe it is always good to get homeowners insurance. Manatee Insurance provides a variety of affordable insurance options. Call us today to get a quote for your property.

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