4 Tips for Saving Money on Auto Insurance

Car owners know how painful buying an auto insurance policy can be. It’s one of those expenses you can’t get around since you’re obligated by the law and can’t drive without an auto premium.

But did you know that policies differ in both specifications and price? Premiums are known to vary by hundreds of dollars and with the right knowledge; you could come out with an adequate auto policy without sustaining a heavy blow to your wallet!

In this blog, we’ll take a look at 4 effective and easy tips for saving money on auto insurance policies.

Improve Your Credit Ratings

Unfortunately, it’s becoming more common for lenders of any sort to look at potential clients’ credit reports before they finalize any deal – and this includes insurance companies as well. The reason behind this is to accurately assess the risk of potential clients and nothing screams “bad driver!” like dings on your credit report. So unless you want low credit scores to come back and haunt you, start working on lowering your credit card debt and paying the bills on time.

Buy a Car that’s Less Attractive to Thieves

Since premiums are all about assessing risk, insurers consider the car you’re about to buy even down to its color.

A white-colored Honda Odyssey will have a far lower premium than a red Ford Mustang. Why? Because cars can tell a lot about their owners in terms of driving behavior and financial status so the Mustang driver is expected to drive more aggressively and face a higher risk of an accident. When buying a car, try considering your options from the insurers point of view; this way you will factor in everything that might increase premium rates.

If Your Car is Old, Change the Policy

If your vehicle has racked up a good number of years, it’s better to swap your collision policy with liability coverage. As the car gets older, it decreases in value and if you get into an accident, you’ll most likely need a replacement since the value of the car would be near zero. It makes good sense to not waste money and just move over to liability coverage.

Look to Buy Multiple Policies

Buying a homeowner’s policy and an auto policy from the same source can save you a handsome amount of money. Often insurers will offer discounts that allow clients both convenience and an opportunity to cut down on costs.

Other factors that drive down auto insurance costs include raising your deductibles and taking advantage of low mileage discounts. Manatee Insurance Services Inc. offers affordable auto insurance policies in Bradenton, Florida. They also offer coverage for homeowners, motorcycles, floods, and boats. Contact us today for more information.

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