How to Quickly Get Your Car out of Impound

Getting your car out of impound is never easy and getting it out without auto insurance is an absolute nightmare. Whether it got towed away because of wrong parking, accidents, illegal driving, tickets, or DUI, each passing day only adds more to the expense and frustration. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get the car out and about as quickly as possible.

In this blog, we explain the proper way of getting your car out of impound fast!

Getting the Car Impounded Without Auto Insurance

First off, it’s not possible to get your car out of impound without auto insurance. While there are a few exceptions to this rule, in most cases, you will need to provide evidence of an auto insurance policy to get your car out of the lot. This is more so the case if the reason behind your car getting impounded was you driving without an auto insurance policy.

The vehicle will have to spend a fixed amount of time in the lot according to the state’s law which can range anywhere from 24 hours to a whole month. Once the set period has elapsed, you’ll be required to pay the fees and submit the proper documents to get your car back on the roads again.

What If You Don’t Have an Auto Insurance Policy

Starting shopping around for an auto insurance policy immediately. For such situations, you don’t need to be picky, just go for the bare minimum policy as stated by your state laws. Also, it’s likely that you’re now considered a high-risk driver which means you now need to file an SR-22 form which will help you purchase a policy regardless of your driver status.

Getting the Car Back

You’ll need to start by locating where your car actually went. If you were present when it got towed away then the officer most likely gave you the necessary details. If it was taken away in your absence, then you’ll have to call the city office building and ask if your vehicle was recently impounded.

The second step involves gathering all the necessary paperwork. This includes proof of auto insurance, ownership papers, personal ID, and carrying enough cash to pay for the towing, impound, and other types of fees. You’ll also need to get the release documents signed off.

Having your car impounded represents just one risk out of many associated with driving without an auto insurance policy. For example, getting involved in a car accident without auto insurance could land you in prison!

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