How to Protect your Most Precious Possessions


Property crimes lead to losses of around $14 billion every year. A large part of this is the theft of valuable possessions that are stored inside homes. These valuable possessions include furniture, appliances, jewellery, and fixtures and fittings.

Such possessions are obviously very important to homeowners, for sentimental, financial, and aesthetic reasons. A lot of people even store precious metals at home for investment purposes.

So, how do you keep your precious possessions safe from theft and other contingencies? Read on to find out.

Install a Proper Security System at Your Home

You can deter burglars from stealing your possessions by improving the security system of your home. Modern security systems employ advanced security mechanisms that are quite effective.

Digital locks are very difficult to hack and bypass, while alarms and detectors will enable you to respond to any threats at the earliest. Consult a home security advisor for tips on how to improve the security of your home.


Keeping Things Safe While You’re Away

Burglars target homes whose owners aren’t present. However, you can protect your home even while you’re away by installing a 24/7 CCTV monitoring system that will let you keep an eye on it. All you need is an internet connection to access the system’s live video stream.

Also, you can ask your neighbor to extend a helping hand. Give them your home’s key so they can be on the lookout and if they park their car in your driveway, burglars won’t even know that you’re away.

Use Safety Deposit Boxes

You can store your most valuable possessions—like precious stones and cash—in safety deposit boxes. They come in a large variety, but digital safes are usually considered the safest. They use digital codes or fingerprint to secure what’s inside and are very difficult to crack and bypass.

Get Insurance

You should, in any case, prepare for the worst. Experienced burglars are able to bypass the toughest security systems. And then there’s the danger of losing your possessions due to natural disasters. You should, therefore, invest in a comprehensive home insurance plan. Most insurance plans cover your home building as well as the possessions inside. Better to be safe than to be sorry later on.

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