Insurance after a Car Crash: What You Need To Know


Florida deals with about 1000 car accidents, and 1500 injuries resulting from it, every day. It is illegal to drive without car insurance in Florida.

Following are things you need to know about how car insurance works in Florida, what you need to and what you need to avoid after an accident.

Hit-and-Run Felony

The first thing you need to remember is, whether you’rea victim or at-fault, do not flee the scene of the accident.

Hit-and-Run Felony in Florida is punishable by law and can cause you probation, suspension of driver’s license, heavy fines, and/or imprisonment. You need to be present at the scene of the accident when the police arrive to investigate.

Getting your side of the story recorded would benefit you during the insurance claim and the proceeding investigation.

Do Not Accept Blame

Getting your story recorded is different than accepting you were at fault. If you were the victim, the at-fault driver will try to get you say it was your fault.

Let your insurance company do the talking. Accepting the blame or trying to put it on the other driver, will only harm the investigation and may cause you more damage. After an accident, make sure you only speak with the law enforcement agencies and your insurance company about the accident.

Take Pictures, Memorize the Scene

Soon after the accident, and after you submit an insurance claim, both the insurance companies will get in touch with you to record details about the incident.

In order to not miss out on any crucial details about the incident, you need to have pictures; exact details about the area, about the othercar and what you thinkcaused the collision.

  • Snap pictures of the damage done to your car and the driver’s
  • Note down the license plate number of the other car and
  • Make a mind map of the entire area

The reason you need the driver’s license plate number is because most insurance companies only record the make and model of the car while issuing insurance. In order for your insurance company to communicate with the opposition’s insurance company effectively, they will need as many details as possible.

You have to remember that you should narrate the accident to your insurance company in as detail as possible, no matter how minorit was.

A proper auto insurance plan will pay for your medical bills, if any, and also repair the damage done to your car.

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