Emergencies at Sea: 4 Boating Safety Tips

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Florida tends to lead the death ratio nationwide when it comes to at-sea deaths or boating accidents.

With the latest statistics from 2018, 628 at-sea accidents were recorded in the region.For residents in Florida, boating is more like a hobby. Moreover, Florida is also the fishing capital of the world which makes the sea one of the major attractions in the region.

While being at-sea and going to the beach is part of the daily life in Florida, there are at-sea emergencies that you cannot avoid. In addition to providing you with premium boating insurance policies, our experts at Manatee Insurance Services also emphasize on being prepared to manage your safety at sea so that there’s lesser damage to life and to the boat itself.

Here are some tips that might help boaters during an emergency situation:

Action Plan


Passengers should keep in mind that the boating crew has gone through various trainings and are capable of handlingemergency situations. Passengers should not meddle with the situation or try to help until asked to.


It is also important for all passengers to listen to the safety instructions and follow the action plan. During their time at sea, passengers should take care of their own safety and should not indulge in activities that might cause harm to themselves or to the other people onboard.

What Is The Most Common Boating Accident?

The most common accident to occur in any boating trip is people falling off the boat in thedeep sea. This can induce panic in other passengers, especially in family members. Before starting the trip, you should make sure that everyone onboard is wearing a life jacket.

What Can Passengers Do In MOB Situations?

To alert the crew that a person has fallen off from the ledge, you should shout “Man overboard (MOB)!” repeatedly.

What Are The Protocols For MOB Situations?

The crew members can then turn the boat toward the fallen person; this will prevent the propeller from hitting the person in the water.

The GPS device on the MOB’s life jacket should then be immediately turned on to locate the person if theygo out of sight. Throwing something that floats toward the person will help them keep up with the strong current. The lifeguards can then be sent to rescue the person immediately.

If the MOB is unconscious, it’s safer to bring the person to the boat instead of taking the boat to them.

Other Emergencies

Other boating emergencies include a fire at sea and abandonment of the ship. These are two instances where there’s little time to think before the ship is consumed or sinks.

These are some of the most high-pressured situations that require your boat to have updated security features at all times.

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