Why Do You Need To Get Your Boat Insured?


Good times come and go without certainty, and there’s always an expiry date to happiness. But our services grant you the assurance of knowing that your security is our concern.

Just like you make your life and house safe with insurance, you can also get your boat insured just to be certain that the rider and the ride are both safe. In a state which leads the numbers in boating accidents, this is an absolute necessity. The chances of this continuing are high because Florida has the largest number of watercrafts that have caused 4,291 accidents that involved 658 deaths.

Many people don’t realize why they might need boat insurance. If you’re still unconvinced, you need to go through this blog first.

What Does A Boat Insurance Cover

Even though insurance policies can be customized according to your requirements, there are a few standard features in every boat insurance plan.

Bodily Injury Liability

If a passenger riding on your boat isinjured, and you’re legally liable to pay for the damage, our insurance will cover the cost. In case of a lawsuit filed against you, we’ll defend the case and fund the proceedings ourselves.

boat seaProperty Damage Liability

Our insurance offers coverage for an accident that resulted in damaging someone else’s property, if you’re legally responsible for it. This coverage extends to fuel spillages that may also have resulted from the accident, if you’re legally responsible for it. In case of a lawsuit filed against you, we’ll defend your case, with complete coverage of the costs incurred.

Medical Payments

If there are or were any medical injuries that occurred while boarding, leaving or traveling on the watercraft, our insurance will cover all medical expenses.


Our insurance will cover damage to, or from your watercraft to another watercraft or object. This also applies if your watercraft rolls over and incurs damage.


Your watercraft can suffer damage due to turbulent weather, theft, vandalism or accidents with animals. Our insurance will cover any and all damages in such cases.

Personal Effects

If you’re loading personal property on board or taking it off the watercraft, accidents can happen. Any damages that happen during the movement to and from the watercraft will be covered under the insurance policies. Personal property may also include boast hoists and lifts.

Are you better satisfied now?

Our insurance policies offer an exhaustive range of events for which we offer full coverage. This ensures that our clients remain happy and safe.

We offer boat insurance in Bradenton along with home and car insurance as well. Call us at 941-747-7283 for an insurance quote for your boat!

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