College Students Need to Keep These Things in Mind For Car Insurance


Moving out for college is a special time for everyone. It’s not just another milestone in your academic career but also a tremendous shift from living under the same roof as your parents.

Even though living independently has its own perks, it’s not a bed of roses. That’s why it’s better to ensure security through a reliable insurance plan.

For starters, you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to commute to and from college. If you have a car, you’ll need to get it insured. Here are some factors that will help you secure your car and yourself with an insurance policy.

Who owns your car?

College Students who Drive Their Own Car

If you have the title to your car, you a dedicated insurance policy for it. Being on your parents’ insurance coverage is not what a college student should ideally depend on.

joyCollege Students Who Drive Their Parents’ Car

If you have an arrangement with your parents such that you drive their car to college every time, their insurance policy can cover you. However, this can considerably increase their premium payments, since teenage drivers are considered riskier by insurance companies. With 13.2 million teenage drivers on the road, 5864 have been in fatal accidents.

This is why college students need to have car insurance of their own. When doing so, consider these factors:

Have a good driving record

As long as your driving record is clean with minimum citations, your insurance coverage will be charged less and that means smaller payments to the company.


Have good credit

If you’re just starting off your adult life, you won’t have much credit. But it’s always better to maintain a good standing of your credit.

How do you maintain a good credit score?

Pay your bills on time, keep your debt to a minimum, and accumulate credit. Your credit score will affect the insurance rate you get. The higher your score, the greater the chances that you’ll pay your premium.

How much do you drive

Evaluate the number of errands you run by driving. This will give you a fair idea of how much you drive. Until and unless your car is an indispensible need for your college life, the insurance can be more of a cost than benefit. But if you’re a regular driver, you definitely need car insurance.

What’s your car type

If you don’t own a car yet and are thinking of buying one, make sure you check the insurance coverage that comes with each model. Usually, SUVs aren’t fully covered; the plan is better for smaller cars. Choose wisely.

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