Damaged Furniture from Flooding: Will Insurance Cover the Cost?

damaged furniture

Flooding in your home can wreak havoc on your mental peace and stability. A simple burst pipe or leak in the main water supply system can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. If the main water supply isn’t shut off on time, your expensive furniture may also become a victim of the water damage. Cleaning your wet furniture and attempting to restore the damage is a tough task. To protect your furniture, you may think of filing a claim with your home insurance provider.

Here, a question arises—will your home insurance cover the cost of damaged furniture from flooding?

We have rounded up some factors that you must consider in order to answer the above question.

What Was the Reason of Flooding?

This is the most significant factor when it comes to determining the coverage that your insurance will provide. If the flooding was caused because of the following reasons, your furniture damage won’t be covered;

  • If the flooding happened because of your own negligence and lack of plumbing maintenance.
  • If you caused the flooding purposely.
  • If the damage is caused by a natural flood. You will have to get specific flood insurance for your home, if you want coverage from natural flooding.

isicleWhen Is the Coverage Provided for Damaged Furniture?

Homeowners insurance companies typically cover the furniture damage if the flooding was accidental or unavoidable. For example,in case your water heater or frozen pipes burst due to extreme temperatures and cause flooding, your insurance will cover the furniture damage.

Flooding caused by sewer backups is also covered by home insurance policy, as long as bad upkeep isn’t the reason behind it. Broken sewer pipes and filthy water can destroy your furniture beyond repair.

What We Recommend?

It’s better to get a flood insurance policy in addition to a homeowners insurance for maximum coverage in case of a rain or snowstorm, a leaking roof, water pipe breakages and bursts, water damage caused by fire extinguishing, accidental overflows from home appliances, mold, and vandalism.

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