5 Things to Look for in an Auto Insurance Policy

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Most car owners get auto insurance because of legal requirements, without giving it much thought. This also leads to quick judgments based on low premium rates.

However, seeing low rates as the sole deciding factor when buying a car insurance plan could mean low coverage and inadequate protection in case of an accident.

Here are a few more things you need to look out for:

Windscreen Coverage

Windscreens are expensive! In case of any damage, they can do a number on your monthly budget. In fact, a lot of car owners straight up can’t afford to invest in windshield repairs in the aftermath, leaving them without a vehicle to drive.

Windshield coverage will ensure that the company will pick up the tab of having your windscreen repaired or replaced should an accident occur, and it gets damaged.

Personal Belongings Coverage

We all keep some personal belongings in our cars, and in case of an accident, they can end up incurring damage;cell phones, CDs, and iPads are just a few such belongings.

This cover clause in your insurance policy will extend protection to your personal belongings in case of damage from accidents, fires, or having your car stolen.


Loss Or Theft Of Keys

Have you ever lost your car keys? How infuriating wasit to get them replaced? It’s quite possible that you even had to get the locks on your car changed.

This clause will make the insurer liable to pay for the cost of replacing the keys to your car’s doors, ignition, the alarm, the immobilizer and even the steering locks, and all associated locks in case of loss, theft or other damage.

Courtesy Car

Have you ever been in an accident? If you have, you probably had to send your car in for repairs. For a lot of people, this meanshaving to hitch rides with your friends, taking an Uber, or using public transport?

This clause will make sure that you’re provided with an alternative car to help you move around easily while yours is getting repaired.


car checkSecure your wheels today!

Getting car insurance can take a lot of stress away from driving and owning a car, promotes a sense of financial security on the road, and gives you a backup in times of trouble.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable insurance company for your brand new wheels, get in touch with us over at Manatee Insurance Services, Inc.

We strive to provide our customers comprehensive and exhaustive Auto, motorbike and boat insurance, among others in Bradenton and can help you feel safer on the road.

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