Top Causes of Boat Accidents

boat accident

There had been a total of 766 boat accidents in Florida in 2017 alone. The numbers, since then, haven’t gone down by a considerable margin. This has made drowning a leading cause of death in the area!

These numbers demand our attention. It’s up to us to educate ourselves about all the possible causes of boat accidents (listed below) and avoid its recurrence.

·        Inattention of the Operator

The operator keeps the boat and all passengers safe. Failing to pay attention to the boat can result in unforeseen accidents that can cost you the safety of everyone on board. This is why it’s best that operators are not distracted while they’re managing the boat.

·        Improper Preparation

Threats and hazards can also be the reason why your boat suffers a collision. Check the coats for all red flags before sailing out. Overlooking the possibility of potential dangers counts as an improper preparation that may result in accidents.

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·        Inexperience

Learning the rules of navigation or memorizing the basics of boating doesn’t qualify you to take your boat out for a test sail.

The US Coast Guard’s annual report confirms that the inexperience of operators was a leading cause of boat accidents. Owing to these statistics, operators need to be more serious about their abilities.

·        Dangerous Speed

Sailing speed is as important as keeping an eye on your speedometer while driving on the road. Dangerously high speed can and has resulted in, many near-fatal accidents. There are high chances of collisions when a boat is speeding.

Since the vehicle requires stopping time to cover the braking distance, it can’t be stopped in the nick of time.

·        Impaired Operation

Operating under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants is highly dangerous! Consequences can get as bad as life-threatening injuries or even death. Operators need to adhere to the legal limits of blood alcohol levels. It’s often the same as that for automobile drivers: 0.08 percent.

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