Environmental Hazards That Make Property Insurance Necessary


You would think that mildly rough winds or snowy season wouldn’t harm the strong walls and sturdy foundations of your estate. But you’re wrong. Environmental hazards are one of the biggest reasons why homeowners gravitate towards property insurance. 

Investing your life savings in building a house takes up as many funds as emotional labor. It’s hard then to see as much as a scratch appears on your walls. Not to mention, in case of damage, the cost of repair is equally steep! 

That’s why we’re urging every homeowner in Bradenton to consider consulting us for homeowner insurance. Here are some potential environmental hazards that will prove our case to you. 


While everybody loves a windy day to beat the summer heat, but not every house can stand the rough gusts of winds crashing against its structure. Extreme winds have not only been known to cause hurricanes and tornadoes but also wreak severe damage to property on their own. From falling tree limbs in your yard to roof leaks and damaged gutters, there’s no end to it. 

You don’t want shingles of your roof blown away or large trees to collapse into your windows during a windstorm. This can cause mass destruction and equally massive repair bills. It’s smarter to opt for a homeowners insurance now. 


Remember the first time you saw hail and scooped it in your palm to post an IG story? 

Well, they sure look fascinating when they’ve lined up the streets but not when they’re falling from the sky. Property can suffer millions worth of damage during hailstorms because they’re falling with such great force and speed from above. 

Coupled with the pull of gravity, the extent of damage that your house will suffer gets doubled. You don’t want large hailstones to dent your gutters or crack your window panes. 


Even though light showers don’t cause structural damage to property, but excessive rainwater can sneak into your house. Moisture is a major threat to woodwork so if your house has been wood-paneled, you don’t want it to rain on your investment! 

Water can cause myriad problems, from mold infestations to clogged gutters and even plumbing issues. You don’t want to be dealing with plumbing bills right after paying for the damaged wood floor. Neither do you want it to seep into your walls, ceilings and floors and weaken them from within. 

Hail or snow, we’re here to watch your back – and your house as well! 

We offer homeowners insurance policies to property holders in Bradenton. Come to us if you want to secure your house from environmental damages. 

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