How Traffic Violations Affect Car Insurance

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The words “uh-oh!” probably come to mind when you see a police car’s flashing lights coming toward your car.

But it’s probably more constructive to think about how this collision/incident/interaction is going to look on your driving record—and much worse—how it’s going to affect your auto insurance premiums.

If you’ve received two or more traffic violation tickets in the last three years, your auto insurance premiums are likely to go up at an alarming rate.

Moreover, if your insurer was generous enough to offer a discount due to your safe driving habits, you’re likely to lose that discount after receiving even one speeding ticket.

The following are some questions that you may want to ask your insurance agent:

How Long Will A Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

Depending on your insurance policy and how careful of a driver you are, a speeding ticket may be expunged from your driving record in the span of three years. After serving your time, you might be able to qualify for another safe driving discount.

“I Was Texting While Driving”

This ultimately boils down to traffic laws in your region. Some states have instructed insurance companies to not count texting tickets as a factor that determines premiums.

Others, however, are stricter, meaning that you can expect your premiums to go up if you’re caught.

road cityCan A Parking Ticket Raise My Insurance Costs?

A parking ticket probably won’t raise your premiums, but it could cost you in other ways.

Failing to pay the parking ticket may result in your license being confiscated.  And if you choose to drive around without a license, it’ll be considered a legal offense—regardless of the state you’re in.

Will An Out-Of-State Ticket Have An Impact On My Insurance Premiums?

Tickets from out-of-state affect your insurance premium costs. This depends on your insurance agent in some cases, however. They may let the violation go unnoticed.

Regardless, the best way to avoid increased premium costs due to out-of-state collisions is to pay up the violation ticket before coming back home.

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