3 of the Worst Car Accidents in South Florida


The incredible weather in Florida drives many of us to head out. The cool mornings and warm afternoons beckon residents to go on walks, drives, and biking through the neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, Florida has one of the highest fatality rates for cyclists and pedestrians in the country.

Car crashes here happen due to drunk driving, lack of focus, and exceeding the speed limit. These things have often led to fatal car crashes in South Florida which are documented and put on record. Here are some of the worst car accidents that have happened in South Florida:

8-way car pileup on Miami Turnpike

This car crash occurred in January of 2018. On 14th Jan traffic on the Florida Turnpike came to a standstill. The reason behind this horrific accident is still unknown. This crash, however, only involved passenger vehicles. Rescuers responded to the scene of the crash to help a victim who was trapped in the vehicle. All the victims of the crash were immediately sent off to the nearest trauma center. 6 people were injured in this crash.

driving16- car pileup on the I-17

This crash was reported back in 2012. This car crash resulted in 16 cars piling up over a stretch of over a mile. This accident happend in the early hours of the morning, at 4 a.m., to be exact. Visibility was low due to the dense fog as well as the nearby wildfire, the combination of which are suspected to have caused this crash.  6 tractor-trailers and 10 passenger vehicles were involved in this crash. The majority of vehicles were charred to ash. 9 people died in this accident and 18 were severely injured.

70-car pile up

Till date this pile up is known to be the worst in the history of the state. The circumstances that resulted in this crash were similar to the 16-car pile-up. On January 9th 2008, vehicles were moving along the Interstate-4 that connects Orlando and Tampa. There was dense smoke which affected visibility due to a bush fire nearby. The roads were covered in darkness due to the smoke canopy that had formed. Tankers and tractor-trailers overturned and caught fire, 6 of them burned completely while passenger vehicles crashed into one another to avoid the vehicles that were ablaze. 4 were killed in this crash, 38 injured (with 5 being critical).

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