Road Safety Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians


Florida’s great weather encourages many to head out on foot instead of relying on vehicles to get from A to B, however, Florida also has one of the highest fatality rates for cyclists and pedestrians in the country.

It is said that one pedestrian is injured every 7 minutes in the United States. Walking near and in traffic are both dangerous which is why the government encourages drivers and pedestrians to take precautions.

Road safety advice for drivers

It’s difficult to spot pedestrians

Pedestrians can be quite difficult to spot, especially if you are quite far away. Bad weather can also affect visibility, making it difficult to see pedestrians. Always keep a lookout for pedestrians, especially when the visibility is poor.

Slow down near crosswalk areas

No matter what the signal or if there isn’t a marked crosswalk, it’s essential to stop for pedestrians. Make sure you stop away from the crosswalk so that other vehicles can see the pedestrians in time to apply the brakes. You can never be too careful.

Don’t overtake vehicles that have stopped for pedestrians

Vehicles in front of you may stop to let pedestrians go, especially if there’s a senior trying to cross the road or someone differently abled. It’s essential that you focus on the road and gauge why the car in front of yours has stopped. Don’t try to overtake when they have stopped for a pedestrian as you can risk a crash.

walkingRoad safety tips for pedestrians

Whether you’re out running errands or going for your daily walk or run, it’s essential for pedestrians to be equally careful. Always pay attention to the road to ensure you’re not jeopardizing the lives of drivers as well. One wrong move can lead to a crash.

Wear clothing that won’t camouflage you

If you are going to go out on a walk or to run errands in the evening or night for whatever reason, make sure you are wearing clothes that won’t camouflage you. Wear bright or light colors so that you can be spotted easily. Make sure you steer clear of dark colors.

Don’t exercise outdoors after dark

While it’s refreshing to get in a workout any time of the day, it’s preferable to stay indoors after dark to do it. Pedestrians should avoid working out near roads once the sun has set.

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