Flooding: How It Affects Your Insurance

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We are halfway across the spring season and summers are right around the corner. While we all love both these seasons for the amazing weather, goldilocks sunlight, and snow-free roads, there’s one thing we all despise—the horrid monsoon rains, storms, and flooding. These natural calamities can have a significant impact on your property, but having a flood or a homeowner’s insurance can help.

Ahead, we have explained how insurance can minimize the devastating effects of flooding and water damage in your property.

Is My Home or Commercial Property at Risk?

Your cautionary step should be to determine whether or not you’re at risk of flooding.By visiting the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency and searching your address in the Flood Map Service Center,you can check if your area falls in the flood zone with a high, low, or moderate risk.

You may require flood insurance even if you live in a low to moderate risk zone because most homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover water damage caused by natural flooding. FEMA reveals you may be at a 20 percent higher risk of experiencing flood than fire if you live in a location with moderate or low flood risk.

How Can I Minimize the Risk?

While flood and property insurance policies are outlined to cover the costs of repair and replacements, flooding does more than damage your home, business, and belongings. Hurricane Irma in 2017, wreaked about 4.4 million residential and commercial properties in Florida. It caused losses of over $53 billion and locals suffered power outage for weeks.

You may have to shift to a new location while your home is repaired, dried out, and made habitable again. You might end up losing your precious belongings, old photos, and heirlooms. It’s definitely heartbreaking to losethings that held sentimental importance.

However, when it comes to financial loss, property and flood insurance coverage can eliminate or significantly minimize the damage.

Buy Affordable Flood Insurance in Florida

According to a 2015 America’s Preparedness Report, over 3.5 million people living in Florida were at risk of flooding, and the figure could increase by a whopping 1.1 million by 2050. If you’re looking for property insurance in Bradenton, Fl, that covers damages caused by coastal flooding, get in touch with Manatee Insurance Services, Inc.

We offer budget-friendly insurance plans that will fit your specific requirements and needs. Connect with us at 941.747.7283 for more information and a free quote.

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