Is Auto Insurance Coverage Mandatory in Bradenton, Florida?

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Auto insurance is essentially a contract between you and your insurers in the case of any vehicle related accident or theft. It provides coverage for your property, the liabilities and the medical costs that may incur as a result of an accident.

Given the frequency of road accidents in Florida, the residents of Bradenton, FL must be insured and prepared to protect themselves.

Here’s why.

It’s rainin’ accidents—unfortunately.

Florida records an average of 1000 car accidents every single day! About 25 % of these accidents are caused by individuals who are too busy texting or scrolling on their phones. Who knew our greatest enemy could also be one of the most important part of our lives—our phones?! However, these high rates aren’t just caused by careless drivers.

Hurricanes and storms, which are so common to Florida’s weather, increase the likelihood of a car meeting with an accident.

However, there is also another reason why Florida scores so high on this chart. This state is known to have a “no-fault” stance when it comes to auto insurance coverage.

Not sure what that is? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

Florida’s “no fault” stance

The “no-fault” stance implies that an individual living in Bradenton, FL must purchase insurance that covers all the damages and injuries resulting from an accident, no matter the cause. This means that even if your car crashes and you aren’t at fault, you’re still liable to pay the damages. Therefore, auto-insurance is mandatory in Florida.

As a result, the car insurance rates in Florida are quite high and lead to a whopping average of $1,356.90  in insurance coverage. This may seem alarming and avoidable to you, but it’s also important to consider the out-of-pocket expense of a car crash without having insurance. You risk losing thousands of dollars and with the prevalence of auto accidents in Bradenton, FL you have no choice but to be proactive.

How auto insurance protects you

A plethora of insurance policies exist that cover various aspects to different extents, and so it’s up to you to find one that best suits you. You could always opt for a full coverage or go for more specific coverage such as, glass coverage. This covers the expenses of the damage your windshield may have faced in the event of an accident.

Similarly, comprehensive coverage is another option that provides insurance for events other than a collision or a vehicle accident, such as a fire, flood or even in the case of vandalism.

Sounds stressful? Don’t worry, there’s still a way to find an affordable provider.

Where we come in

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