Lakewood Ranch Insurance

Insurance Brokers in Lakewood Ranch, FL

As a leading insurance company in Florida, Manatee Insurance Services, Inc. has been assisting residents of the Sunshine State with reliable insurance policies for over 35 years. An independent insurance agency, we pride ourselves in being trusted insurance providers, catering to a diverse clientele.

Here’s what our affordable insurance coverage entails:

Homeowner’s Insurance

Whether you’ve just bought a new home in Lakewood Ranch, FL, or have been residing here for several years, you need a strong homeowner’s insurance policy for your biggest asset! Our insurance company helps homeowners choose from various mortgage payment methods so that they may use one that suits them best.

Harsh weather, accidents, theft, and vandalism can all result in property damage and losses. Our homeowner’s insurance policy protects your biggest investment and keeps it secure with extensive coverage.

Auto Insurance

Driving a car in Florida without getting it insured is not only unwise but also illegal in certain cases. With the high incidence of road accidents in the Sunshine State, it’s imperative that you have auto insurance coverage no matter if your vehicle is old or brand new.

Our auto insurance policy provides vehicle owners and drivers with an affordable package that accommodates all of their needs. Working closely with car owners in Sarasota and Bradenton Counties, we ensure that you find the perfect insurance coverage and are able to make an informed decision.

Motorcycle Insurance

Floods, hurricanes, and tourist driving all contribute to motorcycle damage and accidents in Lakewood Ranch. With our expert insurance agents, however, you can save yourself from spending a huge chunk of your savings on motorcycle expenses.

Offering excellent motorcycle coverage at competitive rates, we can help you find the ultimate financial solution within your budget. Our motorcycle insurance policy allows vehicle owners to secure more than one bike with a single coverage package, and is applicable for cruisers, scooters, tourist bikes, as well as bigger motorcycles. In case of the worst-case scenario, you needn’t worry about repair or replacement expenses!

Flood Insurance

Flooding is a major risk for residents living in Florida. Unfortunately, most homeowner’s policies implemented in the Sunshine State don’t typically cover losses and damages caused by floods. As a result, you need a separate flood insurance coverage to secure your property and assets that are purchased separately.

With our insurance providers, you can easily get flood insurance for your Lakewood Ranch home. Our policy covers hurricanes, tropical storms, and heavy rainfall, and is especially useful for homeowners living in high-risk areas. Having a sound flood insurance policy helps you stay prepared for potential natural disasters and keeps your assets protected!

Boat Insurance

Manatee Insurance Services, Inc. also provides affordable boat insurance services in Lakewood Ranch. With our low-cost policies that cater to most boat types, you can find the perfect coverage for your sailboat, ski boat, charter bat, bass boat, or yacht.  Our policy includes coverage for physical damage, theft, vandalism, property loss or damage, and boating accidents.

We know residents in Florida have an active boating lifestyle, and we’re here to facilitate that!

Whatever your insurance needs may be, we’ve got a solution for you! Get in touch with our insurance agent to learn more about our packages and policies in Lakewood Ranch, FL.