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Insurance for everything is a necessity these days, from homeowners to renters to automobile to motorcycles. If you own it, you can, and should, insure it. Insurance is there for when the incapable of being expected were to happen to you or your stuff.

Manatee Insurance Services, Inc. can help you get great coverage at great rates through the most reliable insurance agency on the market.

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Insurance and how it works

To repair or replace items, especially expensive items like homes, cars, boats, and motorcycles, is usually outside the financial reach of the average person. This is especially true if disaster strikes and many of your more pricier things are in the path of destruction. Would you be able to afford to replace, say, your motorcycle even, should the worst case scenario happen?

State Laws

First things first, know the state laws governing minimum coverage for motorcycle insurance.  As Florida doesn’t stipulate, go by minimum auto coverage as a guideline.  Also, as a motorcycle owner, you don’t have to carry Personal Injury Protection insurance.  And, if you are a motorcycle operator over 21, as long as you meet the minimum coverage for a medical policy ($10,000), you don’t have to wear a helmet (but you do need to wear eye protection).

Florida and the Risks

Living in Florida, there are many ways for disaster to strike.  Hurricanes, floods, and tourists driving are all ways your motorcycle can get damaged.  Sometimes, accidents just happen.  Manatee Insurance Servies, Inc. will help you find the perfect insurance to fit your motorcycle needs along with keeping you from shelling out some serious cash should your motorcycle get a big, ba da boom.


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Motorcycle Insurance Can Ensure Your Complete Peace of Mind

Florida, the Sunshine State, is the perfect place to own a motorcycle. And we are here to help you buy the right motorcycle insurance, offering the best coverage at competitive rates.

Whether you own a scooter, moped, cruiser or a bigger classic motorcycle or touring bike, we can secure the right insurance coverage for your needs. It is also possible to secure several bikes you own, with one policy.

We work with motorcycle owners in Bradenton, Palmetto, Anna Maria Island, Myakka City and across Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Request a quote for motorcycle insurance today.

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