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Manatee Insurance Services, Inc. have been working locally with Floridians to save money and time insuring all major properties including Autos, Homes, Motorcycles, and Boats for over 35 plus years! Come save money and time finding the right insurance all under one roof. Lets get saving Florida! Contact us for a second look on what you will save.


6 Reasons To Buy A House In Sarasota, FL

Matthew Smith

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably looking forproperty optionsthat could be your vacationor post-retirement home where you could unwind and relax. Perhaps you should consider Sarasota, FL.

South of Tampa on sunny Florida’s Gulf Coast,Sarasota is known for miles of fine sand beaches and shallow waters,cultural institutes, and more, that make it nothing less than a paradise point.

bardenton beach.jpg

Here are six reasons why you should make Sarasota your new home:

Sandy Beaches:

The white sandy beaches of Sarasota are the most fascinating attractions for residents. Siesta Beach, awarded as America’s best beach by Dr. Leatherman, is known for its fine sugar crystal sand. You can also take a walk along other beaches like, Turtle, Longboat Key, Venice beaches and more.

Gorgeous Weather:

Sarasota promises a year without snow. Offering a temperature average of around 73 degrees, summers here are no hotter than a typical hot day in Washington, DC. Here, you get to show off your swimsuits and soak up the sun.

The winters in Sarasota are dry, beautiful and most importantly, without snow—oh, the pleasure of not shovelling snow!

Arts and Cultural Richness:

Here, you’ll find a range of entertainment options to choose from. From theatre to Opera, sophisticated galas to charity events, symphonies to live music performances, art galleries to film festivals; Sarasota has something for everyone.

Variety of Real Estate options:

Sarasota also offers a wide range of stunning housing options. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront condo or a downtown villa, a penthouse or a mansion; ithas it all.

Booming Business Market:

Sarasota continues to see an increasingly improving state of business. The unemployment rate in the county has gone down to an impressive 3.1% in 2018. Furthermore, entrepreneurs in the city receive counselling from different entities like The HuB, The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and The Economic Development Corporation.

Ranked thirteen by Forbes in “America’s fastest growing cities” and with the number of businesses on the rise, Sarasota is certainly an appealing option for new businesses and job seekers.

Best Retirement Home:

36.1% of the population in Sarasota County is above 65 years old. This is because the rich culture and sunny beaches along with its phenomenal architecture make Sarasota a desirable choice for retirees. The city also has a rather family oriented population making Sarasota all the more homely to relax after retirement.


If you are looking for Paradise, then this is your answer. Sarasota County looks forward to welcoming you to their sunny beaches and splendid houses. Don’t forget to get yourself home insurance when you buy your dream house.

Manatee Insurance Services, Inc. can help you find insurancerates and quotesthat fits your budget and caters to your specific needs. Visit our website or contact us at (941)747-7283.

Buying A Boat? 7 Boat Owner Essentials

Matthew Smith

On average, you’re looking to spend about $30,000 on a used 22-foot sailboat. For a yacht, the numbers go up to three and four million bucks, easy.

Suffice to say, it doesn’t come cheap. If you’re looking to make that kindof investment, here are 7 essentials you need to factor in:


Condition of boat

When purchasing any vehicle, your first question is whether to buy a used or new one.

In 2018, the sales of used yacht were roughly one million, the highest figure since 2006. A used boat may be a more economical choice; however, new boats come with a warranty so there’s the added advantage of companies taking care of themal functions.

It’s vital for prospects to inspect the boat for any faults, or damages. Take a test sail for confirmation.

The type of boat

Decide between a motor or sailboat.

If your intentions are pleasant sailing, fishing and enjoying family gatherings at sea, you could opt for a sailboat.

If you wish to use your boat for water-related recreational activities, go for a motorboat

The boat’s size

Generally, boat prospects need to keep certain factors in mind before they settle on the size of the boat. Those are as follows:

1- The type of surface you’ll be sailing on

2- Will long stays be a part of your boating experience? If yes,is the boat sufficient enough to cater to overnight stays?

3- The capacity of people

The post purchase budget

There are other costs attached to your boat, apart from the initial cost. These are:

  • Gas expenses for your boat. Keep track of the rising gasoline prices

  • Moorage and Dry-Docking expenses. They vary from place to place depending on the size of your boat

  • Boat maintenance costs are a must—checking for leakages, engine faults, body repair, cleaning costs, etc.

  • Registration fees to allow the operation of your boat in various public waters by the rightful authority of your state.

Duration of boat use

A boat in your ownership will incur more costs if it’s not being used enough.It’s a high opportunity cost. Make sure you allocate sufficient time from your daily routine to cater to your boating experience.


You cannot park your boats in your garage. Proper storage options need to be considered. You may opt for a trailer or marina bays available in your region.

The larger the boat, the higher the costs for storage; in addition, some legalities might have to be met.

Boat insurance

Typically, boat insurance will cost you a few hundred dollars to over $1,000 per year. However, that depends on the type of boat, its size, usage, etc.

Boat insurance covers vessel repair, medical treatment in case of injuries sustained on the boat, towing expense, etc.

Due to the high risk of floods, storms and hurricanes in the busy waters of Florida, insurance should be your priority. Contact us at Manatee Insurance, with over 35 years of experience in providing flood insurance and boat insurance quotes in Sarasota, FL.

All about Renter’s Insurance

Matthew Smith

As per the Census Bureau’s Housing Vacancy Survey, around 976,000 renters per year worth of average growth had been observed through the years 2014–16. ISO also reports that in 2016, 5.3% of insured homes made a claim of which 97.1% were about property damage and theft. 


So if you’re renting or subletting a house, it would be a good idea to get a renter’s insurance. Having the insurance will protect you against any damage or loss caused by unforeseen circumstances. But before you buy one, make sure to understand what a renters’ insurance is and the different options available.

Understanding Renter’s’ Insurance

Simply put, a renter’s insurance is a type of property insurance that covers your belongings. So in case a theft or fire destroys your possessions inside the rented property, your renters’ insurance will pay for replacing them. Many renters make the common mistake of assuming that the insurance of their belongings will be covered in the landlord’s policy. That is not true. Unless you can prove that the loss was due to the property owner’s negligence, their policy will strictly cover the structure only.

Besides protecting your belongings against damage, the insurance will also cover for additional living expenses. So, if your property becomes temporary uninhabitable due to fire, for example, then your renter’s insurance will pay for you to stay somewhere else while the house is being repaired.

Other types of coverage include personal liability and medical payments. Medical payment coverage means that if a guest of yours gets injured on your premises, the renter’s insurance will pay for their medical expenses. But what if the guest got injured because of your negligence? That could cost you a fortune. This is where the personal liability coverage kicks in. The renter’s insurance will also protect you against these liabilities up to the limit you choose.

Coverage Types and Limits

When you go shopping for renter’s insurance, you’ll find two kinds of personal property coverage plans— actual cash value and replacement value. In actual cash value, you receive the estimated value of your belongings after depreciation. But you’ll probably have to put in your own money as well because this amount will most likely be insufficient if you want to replace the item with one of comparable value. In case of replacement value coverage, however, you’re paid the actual cost of replacing the possession. For this reason, replacement value plans have higher premiums than their counterpart.

insurance broker.jpg

In addition to choosing a coverage plan, you’ll also have to choose the coverage limit for your claims. To choose the right limit, it’s best to estimate the value of all your possessions by making a home inventory. This way you can select the limit that best fits you.

A very important point to remember is that a renter’s insurance policy doesn’t offer coverage for all your possessions. Items like jewellery and business properties such as work laptop are examples of belongings that may require additional coverage. Another consideration to keep in mind is that a deductible amount, typically between $500 and $2500, has to be paid when you make a claim. This amount is usually tied to your premium—lower the premium, higher the deductible.

Get your Renter’s Insurance now!

A renter’s insurance protects you from many potential losses and liabilities that would otherwise be very costly if you were to pay from your pocket. Making a comprehensive inventory of all your belongings will show how you can’t afford to replace everything. So, protect yourself and your personal properties against potential losses and get in touch with an insurance company right away.

Manatee Insurance Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of coverage and deductible options in Florida, Sarasota, Bradenton and Manatee County. From auto insurance to flood insurance, we have it all. Visit our website to find out about our insurance quotes, or you can call us at (941) 747-7283.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know

Matthew Smith

As stated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Florida has seen the most number of motorcycle accidents in the US. In the wake of such alarming statistics, there are plenty of things you need to careful about. These include speeding within limits, controlled consumption of alcohol, and of course, getting your motorcycle insured.

motorcycle rider.jpg

When it comes to insurance, we mostly get coverage for our life, car, and house. While motorcycle insurance is greatly overlooked, it’s just as important!

Here’s a brief guide about motorcycle insurances and why you need them:

What options does a standard motorcycle insurance offer?

-Property Damage coverage: This helps you pay for the losses if your motorcycle gets damaged either because of an accident or a natural disaster.

-Bodily Injury Liability:  If you’re at a fault and injure someone during an accident, you’ll be required to pay them for the medical expenses. This coverage assists you in doing so. It includes both hospital bills and lost wages.

-Uninsured Automobile Coverage: This helps when someone else collides withyou and they don’t have their motorcycle insured.It even covers your “pain and suffering”—a legal term used for the stress caused by the accident i.e. aches, depression, scars, or any lifelong disability.

-Comprehensive insurance: This applies to all cases which don’t necessarily involve an accident. Examples are theft, vandalism, fire, or a collision with an animal.

Why do you need motorcycle insurance?

1.      Florida is on the list of the US states that re most prone to disasters.  These include hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, and wildfires. In such circumstances, owning an uninsured motorcycle is not an option. Pedestrians and bikers are usually the firstto be affected by storms and rains.

2.      According to Florida’s Financial Responsibility Law, you may have to pay a certain penalty if you have no proof of motorcycle insurance. This can include some fees, suspension of license, or motorcycle license plate.

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, the last thing you’d want is to see your ridebeing totaled. If you’re in Florida, Manatee Insurancecan help you secure your motorcycle against all kindsof damages. We provide insurance services to motorcycle owners in Bradenton, Palmetto, Anna Maria Island, Myakka City, Sarasota and Manatee Counties. You can either request a quote online or by calling at (941)7477283.

Things to Know About Boat Insurance

Matthew Smith

If you’re a boat-owner, Florida is the place of your dreams! Its sunshine, the pearl-white sand and warm waters make it an ideal place for those who are into nautical activities.

On a bright sunny day, it’s hard to stop yourself from steering your boat yourself across the crystal-blue waters. While you get carried away by the thrill of undulating waves, make sure your boat doesn’t hit a boulder hidden under the sea.

private boat.jpg

What can keep your watercraft safe from such hazards of the rough sea? Boat insurance!

Here are a few things you need to know about boat insurance:

What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance provides coverage for your vesselin case it’s damaged or stolen. It also covers the loss, if you accidently injure someone or damage their belongings with your boat. This is to help you avoid legal battles. Boat insurances usually cater to all sorts of watercrafts from a yacht to Jet Ski. Before getting boat insurance, know what it might and might not cover.

What does it cover?

Medical payment coverage: In case of an accident, this coverage helps you pay any medical expenses for yourself or the person you hit. These may include x-rays, medicines, surgeries, first-aid, and doctor consultation fees.

Liability coverage: If your boat insurance provides liability coverage, you don’t have to worry about paying someone if you hit their boat or dock. This doesn’t necessarily mean accidents. You can also damage someone’s property if your vessel spills fuel.This coverage can also be availed by anyone you allow to use your boat.

Uninsured coverage: If your boat is insured, you have nothing to worry about. But if another boat which is not insured hits yours, you still have nothing to worry about. In that case, uninsured watercraft coverage pays for the losses.

Property coverage: This type of coverage helps you pay for the losses whether your boat is on the sea or on the land. This includes theft, vandalism, damage caused to boat due to a natural disaster, or a collision.

sail boat.jpg

Why is boat insurance necessary?

·         Boats require a hefty investment and are difficult to repurchase

·         It lets you sail with no worries on your head

·         It’s a flexible form of insurance. You can choose the right policy according to the size of your vessel

·         In case of a mishap, you can quickly go back to boating without waiting for too long

Boat insurance is as important as car insurance. If you’re in Bradenton, Palmetto, Anna Maria Island, Myakka City, Sarasota, or Manatee Counties, Manatee Insurance has got you covered! To request a quote, you can either call at (941)7477283 or visit our office at 414, 26thst, W Bradenton, FL 34205.

5 Recent Innovations in Home Security Systems

Matthew Smith

Homeowners have always faced the danger of burglaries and other house related crimes.With the current technologically advanced options, the home safety market has expanded into a whole new industry. People are looking for smarter alternatives that will help them protect their property and possessions. A good home security system can provide peace of mind and safety for you and your loved ones.

home security.jpg

From dead-bolts to digitally accessed doors, there are many options available to homeowners. Here are some:

Motion detectors:

Motion detection was one of the first technological security options. Initially, the detection was done through sound waves. This was good for an old-fashioned break-in or forced entry. But often simple sounds such as closing a door or turning on the television would set it off. Modern motion detectors are based on infrared technology. They sense body heat as it gets closer to the house. The alert ranges from spotlight activation which illuminates the threat to alarm going off. With smart technology, you can get an alert on your cell phone.

Smart doorbells:

With the recent innovation, people are now installing smart doorbells. Basically, a camera is attached to the doorbell in an inconspicuous way. When someone rings the doorbell, the camera is activated and sends an alert to the smart phone it has been synced with. A live stream is sent to the phone so that the person can see who’s at the door. This is a good option for those who wish to screen the people that come to their doors or are away from home a lot.

smart doorbell.jpg

Remote home monitoring:

Remote home monitoring is becoming increasingly popular. The system works similar to a smart doorbell. A network of cameras and sensors is placed inside and outside the house. They are all connected to the smart phone via Wi-Fi using an app.A person can monitor any area of the house and in case of activity within the house the sensors send an alert to the phone.

Access code entry:

This is the most commonly used innovation in home security. People don’t rely on keys anymore for concerns over losing them. Using keys is always risky in case someone gets a hang of them and uses them to gain entry into the house. An access code home lock can only be used by people who know the password which makes it one of the most secure door locks.

Remote LED home lighting:

This innovation is ideal for people who travel a lot or are concerned about their home while going on vacation. A series of smart lights are installed within the home which can be accessed via smart phone from anywhere in the world. A person can randomly turn on or turn off the lights.Remote smart lights area novel way to deter burglars and make the house look occupied in case of long absences.

remote LED.jpg

The smart homes today are more secure than ever. But the technologically savvy criminals can still get access to your homes. To be completely safe it is always good to get homeowners insurance. Manatee Insurance provides a variety of affordable insurance options. Call us today to get a quote for your property.

Road Rage: Common Types of Vehicle Accidents

Matthew Smith

Statistically speaking, cars are the least safe mode of transport. There over 6 million reported car accidents in America every year and some 3 million people get vehicle related injuries. More people now are getting car insurance to protect themselves from heavy losses.

More and more of these accidents are being caused by aggressive driving. Road rage has become a leading cause of traffic offenses leading to damages and injuries. People are channelling their anger through their driving by cutting lanes, speeding, blocking other cars, tailgating and even bumping into other cars on purpose. This kind of behaviour often leads to vehicle collisions.

Here are some common types of vehicle accidents:

rear end

rear end


This happens when a car collides into another from behind. This can happen due to a number of reasons:

·         The driver gets distracted

·         Driver doesn’t pay attention

·         Tailgating – not leaving sufficient gap between cars

·         Lack of traction on the roads due to weather conditions

·         Unexpected or sudden stops

Rear-end collisions can result from mild injuries such as whiplash to serious neck and back injuries.

broad side.png

Broadside Collision:

This kind of accident accounts for about a quarter of passenger-side occupant deaths. This occurs when two vehicles are crossing each other paths, usually at intersections and one of them slams into the side of the other. It’s also known as side-impact or T-bone collisions. These can be quite serious and usually happen due to lack of attention to road signs. Serious T-bone collisions can end up in fatalities.    

head on.png

Head-on Impact:

Head-on collisions happen when two vehicle coming from opposite directions crash into each other. These occur in places where there are blind curves or in case a driver departs from their lane into the opposite lane. Most common cases of head-on accidents occur when the drivers are intoxicated. The resulting crashes are mostly fatal and account for over 10% of vehicle related fatalities.

roll over.png


A vehicle rollover usually happens due to a number of factors. Mostly it occurs in single car accidents. Speed, alcohol consumption and weather, all have a contributing factor in rollovers. The crash results in the vehicle tipping over to its side or flipping completely and landing upside down. Turning at high speeds is a major cause of a flipping over. 35% of passenger vehicle deaths are attributed to rollovers.

With millions of drivers and cars accidents are bound to happen. Having car insurance in any case is a smart decision. Manatee Insurance Services provide affordable insurance options for all kinds of cars. Call us today to get insurance quote for your car or any other queries that you might have!

Smart Technology That Can Help Protect Your Home

Matthew Smith

Whatever happens, the safety of our family and our home is always our top priority. Thanks to advancements in security technology we now have access to systems that are far more comprehensive and effective at protecting the ones we love.

home secure.png

Some of these systems are designed to prevent break-ins and burglaries while others provide foolproof surveillance. Depending on your needs you can create and deploy a residential security system that offers the best of everything.

Let’s discuss some smart security systems that feature state of the art technologies to protect you, your family and your precious home.

Remote Home Monitoring

Remote home monitoring systems are rapidly gaining traction in residential environments. Such systems allow you to view both the inside and outside of your home from your smartphones. It notifies you whenever someone enters or leaves the house. There are also sensors placed on windows which can alert homeowners in case of break-ins. They are easy to set-up and serve as 360-degree security solutions with limitless flexibility in terms of use and modifications.


Smart Locks

Innovations in locking systems have evolved far beyond the conventional sense. Modern smart locks do not require a physical key. Instead, you can punch in a code or use fingerprint recognition.

The more common method includes the use of ‘digital-keys’ placed in smartphones. The homeowner has the ability to ‘manufacture’ such keys which come in the form of digital codes and can send them to others online. So if you have an unexpected visit by a friend or a plumber, you can send them a key through your phone, giving them one-time access.


Furthermore, smart locks also come equipped with audio and video recording capabilities enabling you to keep a log of everyone who passes through the doorstep. Some versions have sensor-motion capabilities that take pictures whenever there is movement in front of the door.

Remote LED Lighting

It’s not surprising that most burglaries happen when homeowners are away on vacation. One solution to eliminate the risks of break-ins is to install remote LED lights. This system will allow you to turn the lights on and off while you’re away, giving the impression that it’s not empty.  

That’s not it—remote LED lights also have a range of other useful applications for example, they can be used by seniors who have mobility issues. Similarly, you can put together different LED color temperatures to create ambient lighting systems for your home that change colors at the press of a button.


While these technologies were expensive earlier, both in terms of installation and maintenance, things have changed. With a number of producers offering a diverse array of security systems and automated products, their prices are now within every homeowner’s reach.

If you are considering affordable and effective ways to protect your home and your family, start off by purchasing a homeowners insurance policy. Contact us today for cheap home and car insurance in Bradenton, FL!

Myth Busting: Auto Insurance Edition

Matthew Smith

Especially when purchasing auto insurance, it is imperative that you are aware of all the factors that may affect the cost and extent of coverage you receive.

Unfortunately, a number of widespread myths have led to misinformation being passed around as fact when it comes to car insurance. Although no one really knows how they began or who started them, believing in them can cause you to select the wrong coverage and lead to long term financial losses.

In this blog, we try to dispel some of the most common auto insurance myths out there:

1.    The Car Color Affect the Price of Auto Insurance

Your car’s color could fall under any shade of the spectrum and it wouldn’t affect the price. Factors which do affect the price of auto insurance include the model, body type, make, engine, age, and size of your vehicle. Other factors may also be considered like the likelihood of the car being stolen, the cost to repair it, its overall safety record, the age of the driver, and sometimes even the credit history of the owner.

2.    Soldiers Have to Pay a Higher Amount

It’s quite the opposite. If you happen to be in any branch of the armed forces, you become eligible for auto insurance discounts. Most places require official documentation, time of enlistment, and rank. Some might even allow for the option of speaking to your commanding officer. Certain companies even allow discounts for the soldier’s family members.

3.    It Costs More for Older-Aged Citizens

Again, the opposite holds true. Older drivers are more likely to be eligible for discounts. Those over the age of 55 receive a cost reduction for their auto insurance premium provided they successfully complete the accident prevention course (offered by the AARP, AAA, and also through local and state agencies). Such offers also extend to unemployed individuals and retirees. The percentage of discount varies across different states so always remember to check up on your eligibility.

auto insurance.png

4.    Your Credit History Has No Effect on the Insurance Rate

Your credit-based insurance score definitely matters. Having a positive score demonstrates your ability to effectively manage your finances and is considered a strong predictor of whether someone will file an insurance claim or not. This is taken into consideration by the company when you’re purchasing, changing or renewing auto insurance policy. Having a good credit score allows you to pay less for insurance.

5.    The Business Car is covered By Your Personal Auto Insurance

Even in case of self-employment, your personal auto insurance may not cover for any damages which make it important to also get a business vehicle insurance. If the car is being used by your business employees, make sure to check up on their driving records.

Apart from the myths on this list, there are many others floating around which act as deterrents and prevent vehicle owners from gaining the full benefits of auto insurance policies. Contact us today for cheap car insurance in Bradenton, FL.

We have a team of experienced customer support representatives, who are always available to address your concerns and queries, helping you save and make informed decisions!

Is it Cheaper to Insure a New Car or an Old Car?

Matthew Smith

Among the many factors taken into consideration when formulating an auto insurance policy, the age of a vehicle is one of them. Usually, insurance rates for an old vehicle are lower when compared with newer ones because they are less expensive. That being said, there are still other factors that can cause the cost of insurance to vary significantly.

In this blog, we answer the question: Is it cheaper to insure a new or an old car?

old new cars.png

The Value of the Vehicle

Depreciation causes the value of any vehicle to reduce over time, which is why the insurance rates are comparatively cheaper. The lower value results in reduced liability for the insurer since the cost of the car’s repair is roughly the same amount. Since the insurance company is only liable to cover the replacement cost, the replacement value is exceeded by the repair costs.

Older Vehicles Do Not Require Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

For a simple reason: in case of a collision, it is not worth spending a considerable sum on repairing an older vehicle. Removing comprehensive and collision coverage from the insurance policy can half the cost of the monthly premium.

High Cost of Repairing Newer Vehicles

Newer vehicles have a higher value than older ones. This leads to higher costs of repairs for the insurance company.

That being said…

Safety Features Lead to Lower Rates

There’s good news though! Because newer vehicles come equipped with all kinds of safety features—anti-lock braking system (ABS),adaptive headlights, a blind-spot detection system, A lane-departure warning system, automatic seat belts,anti-theft systems,driver-side and passenger-side airbags, backup cameras—that lower the risks of accidents significantly, the cost of insurance may be lower.

Older, Used Cars are Dependable

Buying a newer vehicle provides a high level of comfort. You know that it hasn’t undergone major repairs and comes with warranty coverage. However, the standard of car manufacturing has been raised considerably since the past few decades. Used vehicles are sturdier, reliable, can go on for tens of thousands of miles before requiring costly repairs and are even sold by dealerships before undergoing careful inspection.

Financially speaking, it makes much more sense to purchase a used car which has been maintained in good condition by the previous owner (which would include tire rotations, routine break checks, oil change, and car wash) considering that a brand-new car loses nearly 20% of its value when it first hits the road and 30% by the end of the first year.

The older vehicle won’t only cost you less but will have lower insurance costs as well.

Finally, there are many other reasons apart from the price which determines the choice of car purchase such as the driver’s age, marital status, gender etc. Whichever choice you end up making, we take into consideration our customer’s budget and offer cheap car insurance quotes in Bradenton, FL. Contact us today!

Common Mistakes That Increase Auto Insurance Rates

Matthew Smith

 Do you firmly believe in the saying, ‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you’?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to auto insurance policies. It’s a considerable car expense and it doesn’t help if you end up making mistakes—the more mistakes you make, the higher your premium will be.

In this blog, we highlight the most common mistakes you make that increase auto insurance rates and how can you avoid them.

insurance rates

insurance rates

Not Researching Discounts

Since competition is tough in the insurance industry, most companies have amazing discounts on offer throughout the year—we don’t see them cause we don’t research the right way. You may not be eligible for all of them, but chances are you will at least qualify for one of them.

Examples of circumstances which make you eligible for such discounts are:

·         Your vehicle having a high safety grade.

·         Having a family member in the military

·         Owning a home.

·         Going through a defense driving course.

·         Owning a hybrid vehicle.

Even if you install an anti-theft feature in your vehicle or manage to shorten your commute distance, call up your agent and ask if you qualify for any discounts.

Focusing Only On the Price

Auto insurance ads all have a striking similarity: how cheap their services are when compared to the competition.

However, only focusing on the price when deciding which policy to purchase is not the wisest move. Sure, everyone wants to save money but when shopping for car insurance you should also consider the benefits of the policy, the company’s reputation, and its approach to claim management.

Sticking to the Legal Minimum

Not surprising, considering how everyone wants to pay the least amount possible. While you may have cost savings in mind, going for the legal minimum can end up costing you some real money.

Consider the following: What is your liability in case you bump into a luxury vehicle? How much is the liability when an un-insured driver rams into your car? Also, what happens if your vehicle gets damaged during an unexpected thunderstorm?

Plan strategically and if you can practically afford a higher payment, go for it!

Canceling Your Previous Insurance Policy Too Soon

It’s tempting to cancel your current policy right away, now that you’ve planned to switch to another insurer, but it’s not the smartest move. Getting a new policy will involve questions about your previous coverage and even a 30-day delay can make you ineligible for discounts while increasing your next payment outrageously. Conversely, most carriers offer lower prices for clients with previous, ongoing coverage.

Making sure that you avoid these mistakes when buying your next car insurance policy can help you save big! Looking for a policy that satisfies all your concerns and needs? Contact us today to acquire cheap car insurance in Bradenton, FL!