5 Tips That Will Lower Your Homeowner Insurance Bill

Homeowners are often surprised by how less they could have been paying as insurance premiums had they just known about the discounts available. The difference is usually in hundreds of dollars, which is a significant amount of money.

If you are a homeowner looking to purchase homeowners’ insurance, here are certain tips that may help you lower your insurance bill:

Beef up the security

The more protection you have against theft, the lower will be your insurance premium. Anything can come in security, including deadbolt locks, theft alarm, CCTV cameras and so on.

On other hand, if you have a fire detection system installed in your home, then your insurance bill may reduce as well. Things like fire alarm and gas leak detectors are some things that you should consider installing.

Different insurance companies offer discounts on different factors, but you will mainly get discounts by being a “low-risk” client.

Roof Protection

The roof is one part of the house that sustains the most damage, as it is the first-line of defense against the external elements. Therefore, having an impact-resistant roof contributes a great deal to lowering the insurance bill.

Many homeowners file claims when their roof gets damaged in a storm or heavy rain. Therefore, impact-resistant roofs are able to withstand the harsh elements, which is why homeowners with impact-resistant roofs are considered to be low-risk. Some insurance companies are even willing to offer 10% discount on insurance premium, just because of impact-resistant roofing.

Timely Payments

Timely payments of the insurance bill directly affect your credit score, and most states tie credit scores to insurance premiums. Therefore, the better credit score you have, the lower your insurance bill is.

Filing too many small claims is another factor that can affect your insurance premiums. So be careful when filing claims.


The older your house is, the more insurance premium you’ll have to pay. This is because homes which do not have regular renovations are likely going to face more damage than others. This means that people who are living in older homes are more likely to file a claim than others.

Get regular renovations and pay close attention to your wiring and plumbing systems. When they are up to the standards of the building codes, you will be able to ask for insurance discounts.

Insurance Broker

You never know that another home insurance company is willing to provide the same policy with the same coverage, at a much lower price. This is why going to an insurance broker is a much better option than buying a policy on your own.

A broker will assess your needs, and then find a policy for you at the best price possible. This is the best way to lower your insurance premium.

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