What To Do When Your Rented Property Is Vandalized?

broken glass

An angry and hostile tenant is every landlord’s worst nightmare. Not only do they keep you up with worry about your property’s safety, but you’re also reluctant to go talk to them. And asking them to evict the property is another nightmare that you don’t want to go through. We’ve even seen cases where the tenant was so angry about eviction proceedings that they chose to vandalize the space before leaving.

Angry tenants quickly figure out that they have nothing to lose and can get back at their landlord by causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. From tearing up carpets to smashing windows and ripping out appliances from the walls, an upset tenant is dangerous.

When faced with such a situation, the first need thing you need to do is remain calm. You have to think rationally. The following are some steps you can follow to navigate such a situation:

Identify the Culprit

When you reach the vandalized property, go inside and adopt a non-threatening posture. You don’t know the culprit, so you can’t point fingers yet.

walk aloneBefore blaming the tenant, you have to be 100% sure that they’re the ones who destroyed your property. The vandalism could have been the result of a break-in while the tenant was away. It could also be a case of someone framing them. You have to have answers to these questions before concluding that your tenant is on the list of suspects.

Inspect the Property

If you have no idea how to inspect a vandalized property, ask your insurance agent to do it for you. If you suspect that some appliances were stolen or vandalized, you’ll need to provide a list of pre-installed appliances to your insurance agent.

If the tenant is on the list of suspects, you also need to start preparing for how you’re going to figure this out legally with the help of your lease. Consult with your insurance agent to understand the lease document better.

Getting to The Bottom of it

When the tenant has been identified as the culprit, the first thing you need to do before filing a vandalism claim is to file a vandalism police report. Most insurance companies ask for a police report before they can process your vandalism claim.

Eviction is one of your options. But you also need to cover the damage the tenant has caused. Reading your lease closely will help you identify what should your next step should be.

It’s also a good idea to opt for tenants who are willing to acquire a renter insurance policy.

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